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Have you ever wondered how industry rockstars are able to balance multiple six-figure businesses and still have free time?

it'S because
they have help

Rather than trying to wear all of the hats, they focus on the aspects of their business they enjoy and outsource their pain points. By hiring a private editor you can spend less time staring at your computer screen and more time brainstorming new ways to grow and scale your business or enjoying evenings with your family and friends.

As a professional wedding and portrait photographer, I know how easily the editing work can pile up and become overwhelming. After I began shooting film, I made high-quality digital edits a priority. Over the years I’ve developed a streamlined system for consistently and efficiently editing hundreds of photos at a time, and I want to use my skills to help you!

the process

here's how it works



I want to make sure we cater our edits to your specifications, so we'll start with a quick phone call so I understand your needs and exactly what you're looking for.



select your first gallery

This can be a sample gallery or a full gallery you want edited. I use this first project to confirm with you how you want your images edited. Outsourcing your edits is a process, and it might take a gallery or two before we get it just right! 



send your images

I will set up a customized folder where we will exchange SMART PREVIEWS and Lightroom catalogs. I can match to anchor images if you have an established editing style, or use reference photos for the style you want your images to look like.



receive gallery

You'll receive your edits from me within 2-3 business days (for portrait galleries) or 5-7 business days (for wedding galleries). Look them over and jot down anything you want me to know!



give feedback

I welcome All notes after receiving your gallery so that I can serve you best! After approximately 3 completed projects, I should be able to provide consistent and accurate edits.


Lauren is an editing magician! As a creative business owner, I was really hesitant to relinquish control of my editing and Lauren made it so easy and seamless! She took such care to learn my editing style and to get to know me as a photographer. I couldn't be happier to have trusted Lauren with my photos and she's now an integral part of my post-shoot workflow!

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I take 5-7 editing clients per year and as well as one-off editing projects on an as-needed basis.

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