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Covid-19 Wedding Photography Policies and Planning for the Future



2020 was an unprecedented year (a phrase I’m sure we’re all tired of seeing online and in our inboxes). This time last year we were grocery shopping with ease, still enjoying dinner and drinks in tightly packed restaurants, and nervously traveling across the country. But as more and more things shut down, we had to face the idea that life might not be the same for a while. It’s a year later and life still isn’t the same. The wedding and events industry has been all but crippled by the pandemic, and couples are more nervous now than ever to plan the wedding of their dreams. After navigating the postponements, cancellations, and regulations all last year, I have collected a list of frequently asked questions¬†regarding Covid-19 and wedding day plans. These questions will prove immensely helpful as a new wave of engaged couples enter the marketplace this year. I hope they help you!

My Covid-19 Business Policy

Things might still feel precarious right now, especially if you want friends and family members to attend who are high risk. I will always work with you to answer any questions and act as a resource as you navigate your decisions regarding postponements. If you decide that it is best to postpone your wedding day, we will work hard to find a new date that works for all of us. Your retainer will be transferred to your new date and no additional fees will be required. If we cannot find a mutually acceptable date, my clients have the option to have their wedding photographed by one of my associates or cancel their photography reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What steps are you taking to prevent getting sick or spreading Covid-19?
    I do my best to self-isolate and be socially distant in the weeks leading up to your wedding day. I will oblige to take a Covid test prior to your wedding day if you request. I sanitize my gear after every session. At any portrait sessions and on wedding days, I frequently use hand sanitizer and always wear a mask. If your wedding day has a standard reception with a dance floor, I will only be on the perimeter and never in the middle of the dance floor to remain socially distant.
  2. What are your tips if we have to postpone or cancel our wedding?
    My biggest tip is to ALWAYS communicate with your vendors as soon as possible. You worked super hard to assemble your vendor dream team and you don’t want to lose anyone by deciding on a new date without first consulting on their availability. Secondly, a lot of prime dates this year have been booked by couples rescheduling from 2020. I recommend choosing a Friday, Sunday, or a weekday for your wedding to offer more flexibility for your vendors. (Plus, weekdays are typically less expensive!) Lastly, keep an open mind and be flexible and creative with your planning. There are tons of beautiful ways to celebrate your love that go beyond the standard ceremony and reception.
  3. What happens to our payments if we have to reschedule?
    This depends on the photographer, but for me I transfer your retainer to your new date and do not require a rescheduling fee. Any remaining payments are rescheduled according to the new wedding date. You are allowed to reschedule your wedding twice in a 24 month period before fees occur. I know how stressful and expensive planning a wedding can be, and I never want to add to that stress!
  4. We still want to have our wedding as planned, will you still photograph it?
    This depends on your local and state regulations. If local and state regulations permit your wedding to legally occur as planned, then absolutely! As long as there aren’t any federal, state, or local regulations restricting your wedding date, venue, number of guests attending, or anything that would prevent me from performing contractual obligations, then I will be there!

    If you are planning to disregard governmental mandates in favor of hosting your wedding, I have the legal right to refuse to photograph it. I do not condone and do not wish to contribute to illegal activity. I prioritize the comfort and safety of all of my clients (and their families and friends) and do my best to uphold that standard of excellence in my business.

  5. What if we decide to have a micro wedding or elope?
    That’s a great option and a decision to be excited about! I have elopement and micro wedding packages available. If we are already contracted for a standard 8-10 hour day and you don’t need that much time, then I will provide a few options for any payments that need to be prorated. We can either apply the remaining balance to experience upgrades, like an a future portrait session, prints, or luxury heirloom albums, or I can offer a refund.

    I’ll send along a new questionnaire to go over any planning changes so that I can create a new customized timeline for you based on your wedding day needs.

  6. Have you had to reschedule any weddings before?
    Unfortunately yes I have. Wedding planning in a pandemic is no easy task and regulations in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia have forced a lot of weddings to be rescheduled. I can help offer any assistance during this time.
  7. What happens if you get sick with Covid-19 and can’t photograph my wedding?
    I always take significant precautions whenever I’m out of my home and do my best to avoid getting sick. If I do get sick, I will immediately notify anyone I’ve been in contact with that might be exposed and will work with you to ensure your wedding day is captured beautifully according to your vision. As per my contract, if I am unable to fulfill contractually obligated duties due to illness I will connect you with one of my associate photographers. Each photographer I work with is a talented, competent, and experienced industry professional that I trust. We will work together to go through your wedding day timeline and your photography priorities to make sure they are fully equipped to photograph your day in my place.


I hope these answered any of your questions as you begin wedding planning! If you liked this post, you might like one of these:

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Happy planning!

Cheers, Lauren


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