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First Things To Do After Getting Engaged!



YAY you’re engaged!! Get ready because the next few months will be a whirlwind! You’re probably wondering what you should do next so FIRST: CELEBRATE! Grab a glass of champagne, go out for a delicious dinner, and enjoy each other’s company before spreading the news!!

Then what?

  1. Insure your ring if you haven’t yet! Most jewelers offer insurance at a nominal fee, and it is worth. every. penny. You don’t want to accidentally lose your stones or the ring entirely and pay for a new one out of pocket. Most insurance policies will come with stipulations to get it inspected once every few months, but I always like to get it professionally cleaned during this time too. And who doesn’t love a shiny new ring every 6 months?
  2. Start touring venues with the intention to book. The top THREE vendors you need to nail down are the venue, the wedding planner, and the photographer. These vendors can only take on one wedding per date and are usually booked months (sometimes even years) in advance. If you’re flexible on your wedding date, then start booking tours with venues you like in order to nail down a wedding date. If you’re not flexible on your wedding date and have a specific one in mind, then start contacting venues for a specific date to see if they’re available. Then tour your favorites of the ones that are available. Your wedding date is the key for booking all of your vendors, so the earlier you get this finalized the better!
  3. Reach out to the photographer(s) you’re interested in as soon as you have your date finalized! Most couples don’t realize how early they should book their photographer, and tend to wait a few months after getting engaged to book them. Don’t wait! Much like the venue and the planner, photographers can only serve one couple per date. Once they’re booked, they’re booked!


The biggest tip I have for your engagement season is this: if you have already decided on your dream team of vendors, reach out to them as soon as you can!

Am I one of the vendors you want on your wedding day?

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